Braun EP100 Exact Power Beard Trimmer With A Six-Setting Memory

If you are searching for a powerful beard trimmer for an accurate and smooth shave, your search ends here. The Braun EP100 Exact Power Beard Trimmer can make you proud every morning!  Its powerful 2-speed motor precisely works through lighter as well as heavier beards to give a clean shave every time. This can not only save your valuable time but also assure a comfortable feel throughout the day. Its ergonomic design ensures optical handling.

The Braun-EP100 is a state-of-the-art trimmer with a unique twin cutting element made of steel. The wide side is used for precise beard trimming, while the narrow one shapes beard outlines, mustache and sideburns. It has a six-setting memory switch that ensures consistent beard and mustache trimming every time. It precisely outlines your beard and mustache contours and offers the same length of trim (of approximately 1,3,6,9,12 millimeters) always. Once the memory switch is all set by you, the Beard Trimmer does not turn on till you choose the required length. It also provides a removable beard trimming and hair clipping comb that can be precision-set to shorten most diverse beard shapes – from well groomed to three-day stubble to unruly ones. It can function with or without a cord. It can deliver 30 minutes of cordless operation with a full charge of 30 minutes.

Product Features:-

  • 2-Speed Motor assures power and a precise trim of heavier beards
  • Unique Twin Cutting System made of steel for wide and narrow trimming
  • Six-Setting (1-16mm length) Memory Switch ensures consistent length trimming every time
  • A removable beard trimming and hair clipping comb can be precision-set to shorten most diverse beard shapes
  • Ergonomic design ensures optical handling
  • 30 minutes of cordless operation
  • Works worldwide on 110-to-240-volt systems
  • Comes with a soft travel pouch
  • Includes a 2 year warranty

Customer Feedback

The Braun EP100 Exact Power Beard Trimmer has received a high 4 out of 5 star rating at for its product quality. Though it has received only 9 reviews so far, the product is surely to catch up very soon and earn raving reviews. So far, customers have valued its ‘memory’ feature a lot and have shown a great sense of satisfaction after using the product. In order to find out the price and shipping details of the Braun EP100, do visit

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